How to Register DITO Promo via Text - Without App

Did you know that you can register for a DITO Promo even if you don't have the DITO app? You can register DITO promos via Text or SMS.

How To Register DITO Promos via Text

Aside from DITO App, you can also register your favorite DITO Promo via text or SMS. Follow these simple steps to know how to register DITO Promos by texting

Step 1. Open your Messeges App

Step 2. Check your Load Balance first, just type BAL then send to 185.

Step 3. Then reply HELP to 185.

Step 4. Reply 1 (Buy Promo). 

Step 5. Then reply your desired DITO Promo. 

Step 6. Reply 111 to activate your desired DITO Promo.

You will get a confirmation message once you have successfully registered a DITO promo.

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