How to Recharge or Top Up Dias in ML Using Regular Load

You can easily add more ML Diamonds to your account using regular load and get a free bonus. This is a guide on how to use load on any mobile network in the Philippines, such as Globe, TM, Smart, or TNT, to buy diamonds in ML.

How to Top Up Diamond in Moblile Legends with Codashop

Learn how to add diamonds to your Mobile Legends game using your regular load with Codashop.

Step 1. Open your Mobile Legends App and copy your account ID and server under your Profile.

Step 3. Enter your Mobile Legends Account ID/User ID and Server.

Step 3. Choose how many ML diamonds you want to recharge.

Step 5. Choose the type of load payment you want to use with Globe, TM, Smart, Sun, and TNT.

Step 6. Click Buy Now button.

Step 7. Enter Your Mobile Number then verify it via SMS.

Step 8. Open your Mobile Legends App to check your Diamonds. 

A purchase on Codashop may be done in under a minute. Mobile Legends (ML) Diamonds are sent directly to your account.

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