How Many Days Before PLDT Installation: Days to wait

Did you apply for PLDT and don't know when they'll install your router? So how long will you have to wait for them to install your PLDT router? How many days will you wait?

How Long PLDT Fibr Installation

After successfully applying for PLDT Data Services, PLDT technicians will install the subscribed PLDT Data Services in your area within 15 working days. {alertSuccess}

If PLDT technicians don't connect your line within 15 working days, you can go back to the PLDT office to follow-up your application. 

You can reach out to the official PLDT Customer Care channels at to follow up on an existing service request.

You can also track the status of your application, just visit the PLDT Application Tracker.

There are reports that some contractors are asking for money to process PLDT applications faster. If this happens to you, please file a report at

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