Is Globe GOSURFBE34 Promo Still Working and Available?

With the gosurfbe34 promo, you can get 15 MB of data that lasts for 15 days. If you have unused GOSAKTO data, you can still use gosurfbe34 promo to make your promo last longer.

Is GOSURFBE34 Still Working?

Not working as of December 2023, the gosurfbe34 promo is not available to register. This promo has been used for so many years to extend the validity of gosakto promo, but users can't register this promo anymore.

Since GOSURFBE34 is not working, you may want to try GOCREATE promos. For example, GOCREATE51 offers 3GB of mobile data, unli text to all networks valid for 15 days. You can also use these GOCREATE promos to extend the validity of other mobile data promos.

GOSURFBE34 Promo Details

  • PRICE: 34 Pesos
  • DATA: 20MB
  • VALIDITY: 15 Days

How To Register GOSURFBE34 Promo

Step 1. Open your Messages App
Step 2. Text GOSURFBE34 to 8080
Step 3. Wait for the confirmation

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  1. Has this promotion been cancelled?18/12/2023

  2. I think so. I can't able to register this promo as of today 12/19/2023. Is there other way how to extend the remaining mobile data?

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