How To Reactivate Smart SIM Card Philippines

Yes, you can use your old or deactivated SMART SIM CARD again, so you don't have to worry about your family and friends not being able to reach you. They can still use your old SIM Card number to get in touch with you.

How To Reactivate SMART SIM

You just need to go to the Smart Office or Store, tell the Front Desk staff that you want to reactivate your old SIM card, and give them your Old SIM Card Number in order to activate your old SIM card or reactivate your SIM card that has been deactivated.

You are required to have at least 1 valid ID for identification on you when you go to the Smart Store along with your old or deactivated SIM card.

Always be patient while waiting for them to process your old Smart SIM Card into a new one.

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