How To Reactivate Smart SIM Card Philippines

Yes, you may reactivate your old or deactivated SMART SIM CARD so that your relatives and friends can contact you. This blog article will explain how to reactivate your old/reactivated SIM card.

Document Requirements:

You should remember to bring these with you to make sure the reactivation process works easily:

1. Valid ID

You must carry at least one valid ID for identification purposes. This is a standard requirement for reactivating your SMART SIM Card. Your valid ID could be any government-issued identification.

2. Old or Deactivated SIM Card

Of course, you'll need to bring your old or inactive SIM card with you, even if it doesn't work. 

How To Reactivate SMART SIM

  1. Visit a Smart Office or Store: The first thing you need to do is find a Smart Office or Store that is near you. These are easily accessible in many cities and towns in the Philippines.
  2. Inform the Front Desk: Once you're at the store, approach the Front Desk staff. Let them know that you wish to reactivate your old SMART SIM Card. They will guide you through the process and ensure that everything goes smoothly.
  3. Provide Your Old SIM Card Number: You'll need to give the staff your old SIM Card in order to activate your card again. 
  4. Show them your Valid ID: Simply present your government-issued ID to them if they request identification.

Waiting Time

You will have to wait while the staff handles your request. For now, take a moment to look at the newest SMART deals and services that are out there for you.


Reactivating your Philippine SMART SIM Card is simple. Follow these easy steps to get access to your old number so friends and family are able to contact you. In case your SMART SIM Card is disabled, just visit a Smart Office or Store.

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