How To Load Smart Rocket SIM Using Gcash and Smart App

Is Smart Rocket SIM reloadable?

Yes, Smart Rocket SIM is reloadable using the the new Smart App (formerly GigaLife App).

Is Smart Rocket SIM a one time use only?

No, Smart Rocket SIM in not for one time use, you can still reload your Smart Rocket SIM with your Smart App.

Learn How To Load Your Rocket SIM using GCash and Smart App

Make sure to connect your Smart Rocket Sim to your GigaLIfe App before loading your Smart Rocket SIM.

1. Open your GCash app and tap on the Load button. Then, select Smart under the Buy Mobile Load option.

2. Enter your Smart Rocket SIM number, then click the Next button. Then, enter your desired regular load amount

3. Click the Buy Now button and Pay to complete the transaction.

4. Go to your Smart App and register your preferred promo for your Smart Rocket SIM.

Make sure you have enough money in your GCash account to load your Smart Rocket SIM. And by following this simple guide, you may continue to enjoy internet access on your Smart Rocket SIM.

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