How To Cash in GCash in Palawan Pawnshop/Palawan Express

Here is a simple tutorial on how to put money into GCash in Palawan. Yes, you can add money to your GCash wallet account through Palawan Pawnshop or Palawan Express.

How to Cash-in GCash Thru Palawan

1. The first thing you should do is go to Palawan. Don't forget to bring money and a valid ID.

2. Tell the guard or the cashier that you want to Cash-in to GCash.

3. They will give you a GCash Cash-in Form that you need to fill out.

Here is a sample of the form:


Name: (Your Name)
Mobile Number: (Your Mobile Number)


Name: (Receivers Full Name on GCash)
Mobile Number: (Receivers GCash Number)
Purpose of transaction: GCash-in
Relationship to the reciever
Amount: (The Amount Of Money)

4. After filling out the form, give it to the cashier. If the cashier asks for your valid ID then show it to them your ID.

Palawan GCash Cash-in Fee

You can cash out for free up to Php 8,000 per month. After you reach this limit, you'll have to pay a 2% service fee every time you cash out. A transaction fee (2%) will be deducted from the money that you cash-in into your GCash wallet.

This limit is reset every month on the first day of the month. So you can cash out up to Php 8,000 over the counter every month for free.

How Long You Will Receive The Money

After the cashier confirms your payment, the money will go directly to your GCash account. 


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