GOMO vs DITO: Which is Better and Faster

Choosing the right internet provider can be a headache, especially in the Philippines with so many options. Today, we'll pit two popular contenders head-to-head: GOMO and DITO. We'll compare their promos, internet speeds, and coverage areas to help you decide which one suits your needs best.

GOMO vs DITO Load Promo Offers

Remember, always compare prices and features before choosing a plan. Choose what fits your needs and budget best!

  • Gomo: While its network runs on Globe's infrastructure, its promos sometimes fall on the pricier side. Its cheapest option as of January 2024 is the P399 plan, which might not be ideal for budget-conscious users.

  • DITO: If affordability is your main concern, DITO shines. They offer a wider range of mobile data, text, and call promos at more competitive prices than Gomo. You'll find options as low as P99, making internet access more accessible for many.

DITO vs GOMO Internet Speed

speedtest.net - Q3 2023

Internet Speed Test:

  • Downloads: On paper, Globe (with GOMO) edges out DITO with a Q3 2023 average download speed of 22.42 Mbps compared to DITO's 19.53 Mbps.

  • User Perception: But raw numbers don't always tell the whole story. GOMO, despite its "higher" average speed, has faced user complaints about slowdowns. This may be due to Globe's larger user base, leading to congestion during peak hours. DITO, with its smaller user base, might experience less congestion and offer more consistent speeds, even if slightly lower on average.

Users Point of View:

  • Globe/GOMO: Faster average download speeds, but potential slowdowns due to network congestion, especially during peak hours.
  • DITO: Slightly slower average download speeds, but potentially more consistent performance thanks to a smaller user base.

DITO vs GOMO Coverage Area

  • DITO: a recent entrant in the Philippine telecommunications market since its launch on March 8, 2021, is still expanding its coverage and may not reach provinces and rural areas yet.
  • GOMO: relies on Globe's signal for connectivity, providing extensive coverage across the Philippines. With a wider reach, GOMO offers a more comprehensive network, including both urban and rural locations.

In conclusion, there is no clear winner between GOMO and DITO. Both have their pros and cons, depending on your preferences and needs. GOMO offers faster average download speeds, but may suffer from network congestion and higher prices. DITO offers more affordable and varied promos, but may have lower and less reliable internet speeds and coverage. 

Ultimately, the best internet provider for you depends on your location, budget, and usage patterns. You may want to try both services and see which one works better for you. We hope this blog post has helped you make an informed decision.


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