How To Transfer GIGAPOINTS To Another Number

To send or transfer GigaPoints to another number, just follow these easy steps.

Can you share GigaPoints in Smart?

Yes, you have the ability to transfer GIGAPOINTS to another Smart or TNT user using the new Smart App (previously known as the GigaLife App).

1. Open the Smart App, then click the Pasa button below.

2. Enter the Mobile Number where the GIGA points will be sent then click the CONTINUE button.

3. Next, select PASA POINTS.

4. Choose or input how much GIGAPOINTS you want to send. 5 GIGAPOINTS is the minimum amount you can send.

5. To be able to send GIGA POINTS, you will need to make sure that you have at least 1 PESO LOAD and then click the CONFIRM button.

6. A 4-digit PIN CODE will be sent to the mobile number, and after you input the four-digit PIN CODE, click the PROCEED button.

7. After you click the "PROCEED" button, you will be notified that your GIGAPOINTS has been sent successfully.

Just make sure you have enough GigaPoints so that the transfer can be easily shared.

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