How To Avoid and Prevent Smart/TNT SIM Data Blocking

These easy tips may help you avoid being prevented from accessing mobile data on your Smart or TNT SIM.

What is Data Blocking?

When you try to access your mobile data but you are unable to do so because the mobile data indication (LTE, 4G, 5G, lte, h+, etc.) does not appear, this is known as the data blockage.

Smart - TNT Terms About Internet Fraud

If the company detects you are using their service for fraudulent or malicious purposes, they have the authority to deactivate your SIM card. They have the ability to do this without notice.

This will happen if you are abusing the service to bypass or engage in internet activities that tend to bypass the SMART/TNT network.

Tips How To Avoid SIM Data Blocking

1. Stop using risky VPN apps. If you use a VPN app, always choose a trustworthy service. There are numerous dangerous VPN services available, but they may not be reliable. Look for a safe VPN program with strong security features, fast speeds, and stable connections.

2. Do not bypass the internet service provider. The Internet service provider provides access to the Internet.If you bypass it, you will be blocked from accessing the internet. The internet service provider is the one responsible for providing the data to the user. This is why it is important not to do any dirty no load internet tricks.

Follow these tips to avoid and prevent getting blocked by Smart and TNT.

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