How to Fix High Ping and Lagging in Online Games For Free

I will be sharing with you some of the tips on how you can fix the lag and lower the high ping on your favorite mobile games like, Mobile Legends, League of Legends, Genshin Impact, Crossfire, Roblox, PUBG, etc. These will fix the reconnecting issues, lag on wifi, lagging even though you have a good internet, lag after the update and being stuck in 120ms.

We will also fix the network problems for Smart, TNT, SUN, TM, Globe, Gomo, Dito, Converge, PLDT. I will share with you some anti-lag tricks for you, enjoy your online games.

Fix Lag and High Ping In Online Games 

1. Anspeeder - lag remover and game booster

Anspeeder App is a game booster and not just an ordinary game booster because it's also lag remover, Anspeeder app cleans the RAM, remove junk on your device, optimize the CPU and fixes everything for smooth gaming.

Here are some good reviews of Anspeeder app:

I wasn't expecting much but I was really surprised that for me, it works great! No more lagging and it was really bad and bloody irritating before I installed this app.

OK, im not usualy the one to give reviews like this but OHHH MY GOSH i used to have the laggyest gameplay untill i tried this app and then, POOF it felt like a big relief there was almost NO lag on my game its A M A Z I N G.

This app is insane!!! I have lag issues while playing roblox and now I can play without lag!

This is legit I'm not a bot or just a fake rater I use this to play lol wr.

2. Anti-Lag Using Fast APN

Configuring APN settings is the easiest way to fix high ping and lagging in online games. There is a lot of gaming APN's and free for you to use.

I really hope that I helped you to solve and fix  your high ping, lagging and reconnecting on your favorite mobile games.

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