Live NetTV - Watch Pinoy TV Channels GMA And ABS-CBN Live

You don't have to go home just to watch the television because now, even if you are at work, school, office, vacation you can watch live TV shows on your Android phone with Live NetTV.

What is Live NetTV Live TV Channels

Live NetTV supports and provides 800+ TV channel that you can watch or stream live for free.

With Live NetTV you can watch live TV shows in different countries like Philippines, Thailand, Portugal, South Indian, German, Australian, Punjabi, Afghan, French, Bangla, Nepal, Canada, Italy, United States, United Kingdom and many more.

Live NetTV categorized TV channels into different genres like Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Documentary, Cooking, Music, Kids, Religious, and many more.

How To Watch and Stream Live ABS-CBN And GMA With Live NetTV

To watch or stream Pinoy TV channels GMA and ABS-CBN live, you just need an android phone and internet connection.

1. Download and install the app Live NetTV on your Android device.

2. After installation, open the app and select the Filipino category and choose what TV channel you want to watch GMA or ABS-CBN.

Today, you can now watch Pinoy TV channels like GMA and ABS-CBN live streaming for free.

Live NetTV also supports other Pinoy TV channels like Aksyon TV, DZMM, ANC, Cinema One, CNN Philippines, GMA News, INC, TV5, TFC and many more.

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