HTTP Injector For Sun CTC And TU Promo SSH Configuration Tutorial

There are so many ways to setup HTTP Injector that you can find online, but for now, I will teach you on how to set up your HTTP Injector SSH account with your SUN SIM using TU promos and CTC promos that is valid for 30 days or 1 month.

How To Set Up SSH Configuration On Http Injector With Sun CTC and TU Promos For 30 Days Or 1 Month

For this tutorial, I will use for our server and for HTTP Injector Tunnel Type, I will use Direct SSH and Custom Payload.

With this configuration, you will enjoy your unlimited internet, downloads, more time on social media apps, and many more.

Tutorial On How To Set Up HTTP Injector On Sun TU and CTC Promos

1. First, go to your browser and create an SSH account for 30 days on

2. Just after creating an account, copy the Host IP Address and paste it on your HTTP Injector app on the SSH Setting, under the SSH Host.

3. On Port, put  80.

4. Copy the Username and Password then paste it on HTTP Injector App in SSH Setting, under USERNAME and PASSWORD.

5. Then, on your HTTP Injector, go to Payload Generator and put as your URL/HOST and just follow the config on the picture below, and click Generate Payload.

6. Next, go to the Tunnel Type and  choose Secure Shell (SSH), None (Directly), and Custom Payload then click save.

7. Lastly, click the START button to check if you will get connected or if its working or not.

In order for you to get connected to this configuration, you need a SUN SIM and register to any CTC or TU promo. 

And make an SSH account again before the expiration. 

For more working payload, visit HTTP Injector SSH Payload List.

I have also posted an easy tutorial for Smart Users on How To Make No Load Payload SSH Config On Smart and TNT Users

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