Question: Can Globe and TM Call DITO SIM?

The telecommunications industry in the Philippines has seen significant growth in recent years, with the entry of new players like DITO Telecommunity. With more options available, customers often wonder about the compatibility of their SIM cards and whether they can make calls to other networks. 

In this blog, we will answer the question, "Does Globe and TM can call DITO SIM?" and explore the interconnection between Philippine telecom providers.

Interconnection Between DITO and Globe/Smart

DITO Telecommunity, the newest telecom provider in the Philippines, has recently completed its interconnection with Globe Telecom and Smart Communications. This means that DITO subscribers can now communicate with Globe and Smart subscribers, and vice versa, without incurring additional charges. The interconnection also allows for better network coverage and quality of service for all three providers.

Can Globe/TM Call DITO SIM?

Yes, TM (Touch Mobile), a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, can now call DITO SIM cards. This is possible due to the interconnection agreement between DITO, Globe, and Smart. TM subscribers can enjoy seamless communication with DITO subscribers.


The interconnection between DITO, Globe, and Smart is a significant development in the Philippine telecom industry, allowing for seamless communication between their subscribers.

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