How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode Tutorial With Hermit App

Many are freaking out and asking about how to enable their Facebook on dark mode or night mode. Are you one of them?

Did you try posting or commenting on Facebook like #facebookdarkmode #facebookdarkmode🌑🌙 #facebooknightmode. They were just making fun of you.

How To Enable Facebook App Dark Mode Or Night Mode

1. Download and install Hermit App
2. Open Hermit App. Click "Create First Lite App Now".
3. Choose "Facebook App". The Hermit App will create a Facebook shortcut app on your homepage. 
4. Go to your homepage and click the Facebook app from the Hermit. 
5. Click the settings button. 
6. Click Night Mode on the settings then click "Restart Now".
7. Open Facebook shortcut app again and your Facebook is now on Night Mode. 


Now enjoy your Facebook app on black themed dark mode. 

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